Friday, December 22, 2017


Hi Friends, UPSC Prelims 2018 is 162 Days left from today and UPSC Prelims 2019 is also say approximately 527 days left from today. So, for both means those who are already started preparing for 2018 and those who are so eager to start preparation for 2019 UPSC, please get back to your study seat and start just after reading this article.
Your SUCCESS MANTRA FOR UPSC is your soul inspiration.
Your SUCCESS is on your QUALITY hard-work (Not on QUANTITY HARDWORK).
Your SUCCESS depends upon how much you can revise all what you read and what you are going to read.
Your SUCCESS depends upon your time table.
Your SUCCESS is on your MIRROR.


  1. Make your dream “MANTRA” as to clear this EXAM.
  2. Keep the Syllabus of the Examination and go through one by one, hope some of the points may be quite familiar with you and some may be very new. Don’t worry, but keep it in your mind that you are going to defeat this syllabus as well as those who are going to appear in this EXAM.
  3. And always keep in your mind that whatever it may be UPSC, State PSC, or any Exams, more or less, if you are clear with the fundamental concepts, you can clear any of the exams.
  4. Gather information or Books related to the syllabus but don’t try to open a LIBRARY in your room. Means, gather books which are sufficient for the topics only as you are not going to do Ph.D. in any of the topics.
  5. Above this nowadays, INTERNET is everything as whatever you require for any of the topics, but always keep in your mind that TOO MUCH ADDICTION of INTERNET leads to de-valuation of your quality time.
  6. Connecting the CONVENTIONAL and CURRENT topics are the trend of setting questions, so keep reading newspapers specifically which are suggested by many of the toppers. (Say the Hindu, The Indian Express Etc, but no need for reading each and every pages of the Newspapers, just only the important articles or issues only.) And try to connect current topics with CONVENTIONAL topics.
  7. Next is, make a proper time table, say make a plan to cover few topics in a day or two and rotate the same after 1 month. REVISION is the key to these examinations.
  8. And CONSISTENCY, which is the only requirement to achieve your GOAL as even though you are reading for continuously 10 hours in a day and taking your mind to some other works for next one week is totally as waste to your preparation.
  9. TEST SERIES (OFFLINE/ ONLINE) is the key to boost your practice as it gives back your performance even-though you are not taking any help or coaching from anywhere.
  10. Always remember, HEALTH is the key to keep your mental alertness to answer any of the questions without taking time. Always KEEP FIT.
In the coming topics, we will be updating how to get and what to study and other topics regularly. If you have any query, keep commenting and if you have information to share, keep sharing.

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