Monday, August 14, 2017


Every candidate must have seen the attractive advertisement of “Earn while you learn”, it means when a course is offered clubbing with an internship which may lead to a job exposure along with a certificate, but not sure about getting a regular Job neither in Government Sector nor in a private Sector. But here, in this topic, “Earn while you prepare” is totally different and if you are really passionate about the job for which you are preparing, you can easily get it and also you can earn while preparing for the same. That’s why you can call this is the best method of preparation for Competitive Examinations.   
      Here, in a different perspective, it’s the teaching or what we call now a day’s “Home Tuition” or “Home Tutor” for students from Class 6 to 10 preferably and also NCERT books. As you must be aware about the importance of NCERT books for preparation of UPSC, SSC etc, if you have the clear concepts with these Books, your maximum preparation is done. And the demand for quality Tutor is also very high in this present trend and also gives good remuneration ranging from Rs. 1000/per hour to sometimes Rs.5000/per hour, depending upon the location and standard of the student. So for students or who are already a Graduate or undergoing Graduation can practice this.
         A friend of mine, who got cleared his SSC (Staff Selection Commission) Examination by clearing Preliminary and Descriptive Mains and now posted in a Central Government Group B post, narrates about how he cleared the Examination. He claimed the success was totally because of his teaching exposure as he taught students of CBSE (NCERT Books) class 6 to 12th Standard. The said practice was done during his Graduation 2nd year onwards and not only it gives good recapitulation or revision of the subjects, but also earned handsome amount which helped him in buying books and magazines. Apart from this, he maintained the habit of reading Newspapers, Magazines and had group discussion with his friends regularly. For interview, he regularly joined local interactive sessions or college level competitions, which energized him for speaking out his thoughts clearly. He said, the interviews are all about your personality. They just want to talk to you in different topics by making it in the form of Questions. So, you have to be very positive and have comfortable with them in a very normal nature not in just for few minutes. But he had to manage his time schedule properly as he had college schedule also along with all these.
        But all these depend upon, your determination, hard work, even for preparation of Examinations or teaching students.  As it is already mentioned in the above, apart from books, practice is what it gives you to manage your time while writing exams and accuracy of your answers. There is no short cut for success but your hard work matters a lot. There will be thousands of competitors in front of you, but you have to come out with winning flag. Hope your hard work gives you both; with “EARN WHILE YOU PREPARE”.

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