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Careers for All, an initiative from the team of like-minded Educational Enthusiastic Contributors, who gives and updated with the information of latest Jobs and career related Articles in various topics, brings you another topic, “ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEAS”. This is a topic which aims at giving encouraging ideas and ideas on how to start a New Business or how to become a new Entrepreneur, mainly to the Young Educated and Enthusiastic Youths, making them self employed as a new Icon and can give jobs to others. This Topic will be published in sequence in the topics which is totally Area based, Technology Based, Environment friendly, Education based etc. We always welcome your suggestions and ideas also to share with others. Better to share and correct others instead of making them falls in trouble always. 

In this the very first Sequence –I, ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEAS – I, we are taking ORGANIC FARMING AND ORGANIC TRADING.

OBJECTIVE: The objective is either doing Organic Farming or Trading of Organic Products. This is one of the most encouraging topic as well as contribution to the present society as the worst news of availability of Plastic Rice or Plastic Eggs in market are spreading like wild fire, the only way is to go to the ORAGNIC. So doing Organic Farming of any of the plant or Vegetable or Fish or Meat, according to the suitable soil or Environment of your available space will give you much benefit financially and environmentally. And also, you can do trading of Organic Products from one station to another station, where there is shortage or lack of the quality of such products. In every big or small cities, the earning capacities have been increased to double folds but the concerned for health is same as before. So you need to promote the uses of Organic Products through either awareness or promotion. 


  1. KNOWLEDGE of Organic farming and Organic Products, which you can get easily from any of the website. In every starts up, you need to put hard work and your failure makes you led to the success. The availability of the products, for example, in the State of Sikkim, you can get different varieties of Organic vegetables or other products, same as in the villages of Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura etc, you can get such places in the far off villages, can be traded to big cities like Guwahati, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar etc which are of nearest to them.
  2. SPACE is more important if you go for Organic Farming and should be suitable for the selective product to grow or to grown up along with a suitable storage facility. For running a Trading of Organic Product, building with storage facility with preferable temperature is require.
  3. FINANCIAL requirement varies from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs, if you have already enough space. This amount is for just initial requirements like initial investments in miscellaneous expenses.
  4. REGISTRATION to GST if the product is taxable along with PAN CARD of the FIRM and BANK A/C. Accountability is the main source of success in every starts up, so everything should be accounted.
  5. A BRAND to develop and maintain the quality of your product. If you maintain the quality of your products, nobody can defeat you in the market. And try to have a Brand name which can be in the mouth and mind of every customer.
  6. MANPOWER who are trained or can be trained for the said starts up. Now a days, Internet is quite usefull as everything is available in Internet either in readable forms or in the form of videos in YouTube etc. Preferably, partnering with some liked minded friends can be helpful as a TEAM is always stronger.
  7. A STRATEGY to sustain in the natural calamities or Natural Disasters.
  8.  SUPPORT from different government organizations can be taken in the form of knowledge or financial support under various schemes, as Government always has schemes for such ENTREPRENEURSHIP IDEAS.
  9. MARKETING the products is one of the important task either for collecting the products or selling to customers. Selection of market place, life style, economy of the market need to be studied well before. Now a days, E-Commerce plays a vital role in the market share, so can be one of the option to increase the sale.
Apart from the above points or steps, other minor or major steps may be require to add up, but with these we hope a ray of new ideas ignited you to step in to the world of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. We wish all the best for your success. We always welcome your suggestions and ideas also to share with others. Better to share and correct others instead of making them falls in trouble always.

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